I've never understood them.

Can you teach me how to fly?

I'm disappointed.


To begin with, you must know yourself.

We moved the project to a new server.

Tracey wants to know what happened.

Were you jealous of them?

Do you think Bucky knows Pat is married?


It was solid red.

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She wore a sad expression.

He paid at most ten thousand dollars.

I'd better go check on Bryce.


She didn't accept the invitation.

Press down on the lever.

I'm going to make Mahesh wish he'd never been born.

You are not my mother.

Were you really surprised?


Many people consider a high salary to be a condition for success.

We never talked about that again.

I'm kind of tied up right now.

The curtain has not yet risen.

The one person I know here is Liz.


Michiel has been arrested.

When Mike went to Jane's house, she was sleeping.

She answers us whenever we ask her a question.

The plane ran into a tropical thunderstorm.

You've got to set the alarm clock before you go to bed.

I think that's absolutely fabulous.

The sun is about to rise.

The contumacious student dared to gainsay his teacher.

I will be at your house at eight.


I know that I have a date, but I'm not sure who it's with.

Vic told me he didn't actually want to do that.

Amarth shouldn't have kept Lynnette waiting so long.


Can I question Lloyd?

Jennie is setting by money to go to Japan.

He could not help seeing that you were about five times as pretty as every other woman in the room.

He has finished up his work.

Each of them sang a song.

He doesn't have enough breath to run.

Nobody knows as many stories as the god of sleep.

Did she go to that concert?

Ahmet goes to Boston at least once a month.

Christmas is only three weeks off.

Julian wiped the blade of his knife on his jeans.

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The second part of the book is much more difficult than the first.

Let me buy this car!

I love living on the edge.

I swore off drinking only to start again the next week.

Can I be of help?

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I'd never do that to him.

I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is.

I didn't know what to do because I was suddenly spoken to by a foreigner.

I've ordered a book from Amazon.com.

A cart with four horses is not able to overtake the human tongue.


Where are they sending us?

You're out of order in talking back to her in the first place.

Anybody can contribute their ideas.


Don't worry, I didn't buy them.

People used to associate demonstrations with students.

How did you guys get in?


Quit it!


I've only studied French for three months.

Geoff is my baby.

I really like him, but not his circle of friends.

I, too, am not a student.

Elvis is going to love this.

Asia is four times larger than Europe.

She revealed the secret.

Just how tiresome was it to argue straight against the phrase "Don't blindly follow the lead of the United States!"

Pete pulled out his cell phone and made a call.


The train arrived ten minutes late.

By all means, you must come.

Mr David seems tired.

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Answer my question.

She told me that she would go to Paris in August.

Leslie had reasons to be angry.

Winter is my favorite season.

I like her.


Are you sure you don't mind if I leave?

Why don't you go back to Boston?

Rand made me laugh.

Tomas looked at me like I was crazy.

Person of the future: "The calendar of this Unix machine that the ancients built only goes up to January 19, 2038. As such, I am convinced that this marks the day of the Earth's destruction."

Floria proposed an alternate plan.

Is this your first time here?

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I can't wait for the war to end.

Those things happen often.

Guillermo reassured Elsa that he was perfectly normal.

He does everything at the last moment.

Carl came by bus.

The blare of the radio burst upon our ears.

He was naughty when he was a boy.

I didn't sleep on the plane.

Marlena refuses to buy anything made in China.


What was it you asked Rich to do?


The dealer gave an old Nissan to me for 200,000 yen.

My mother is always busy.

Beth said he needed to get rid of a bunch of stuff.


And I know you didn't do this just to win an election.

One of my major complaints about the iPhone is that it doesn't support Flash.

Cole helped Alexis get in the car.

Izzy didn't even bother replying.

Religion played a very important role in creating the various calendars still in use.

I ran out of breath.

The price of this camera is very high.

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One way to get money was to borrow it.

Do you think Ricky likes me?

Sandy is the only boy Ed has ever gone out with.

How many kinds of birds are in your backyard?

Everyone seemed to be very busy and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.


The situation is very bad.

I don't know what all the fuss is about.

Put that book aside for me.

What's Naren's theory?

Tiefenthal says it is urgent.

I'm trying to make a good first impression.

Oskar had never seen Presley so happy.


Everyone in the town knows about it.

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Ms. Roland, what do you think about this problem?

"Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit! I'm burning up!" "Poor Mr. Snowman."

He took some very beautiful pictures in Monaco.

There seems to be a large number of people in Japan with high blood pressure.

I feel heaps better after a sound sleep.

Do me a favor, will you?

Juha likes herbal tea.

How long are they?

Bill and I have been sincere friends for a long time.

Put on your seatbelt, Maarten.

The game is over.

It won't be easy persuading Eli to go.

None of the victims' names have been released.

I'm counting on you guys.

Cathrin is obviously crazy about Gill.

Bruno was tired, so he went to bed early.

The white horse is taller than the black one.


The cat is reading a book.

The meeting is held annually.

It's just the right size.


Bucky is getting older.


He doesn't want to live in the city.

This is not a hospital.

People bothered me so much that I couldn't finish my work.

I have seldom heard from her.

She hurried back from England.

There are a lot of poodles under the couch.

Dannie's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.


I need to talk to you outside.

His parents are tolerant of his self-indulgence.

Babur established the Mughal Empire.

Do you know how to create flashcards?

Mankind will succeed in making peaceful use of atomic energy.

We usually expect that trains will arrive on time.

I'd like to do without commas, but 6 feels odd if it doesn't have commas.

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Serdar still loves it here.

To see her smile, you would be charmed.

She doesn't know what to talk with him about.

Go ahead, Rich.

Tell your grandfather I say hi.


Urs is still in prison.

It was definitely a hoax.

How did you help them?

After a while, Jerrie started to believe his own lies.

I'm shorter than you.

Carole is smarter than I am.

The old gypsy moved her hand over the crystal ball and, peering inside, beheld my future.

It was too much for her.

We are all in the hand of God.