Painting Partay!

Painting is always a fun activity but painting with family/friends with some adult beverages mixed in is next level for me. I frequent our paint and sip studio, Pinot’s Palette, with my mother when they have something that perks our interest and I find it makes a fun mommy/daughter night. Recently, I attended a sign painting party at my friends house and I really enjoyed myself because she is a wonderful host. The company that was represented for this one was Chalk Couture which I haven’t heard of before but their products are really nice.

At Pinot’s, I have attended two classes, Pet Portrait and Jockey Silk. Both of these projects are definitely different than their normal offerings but they were definitely the ones I wanted to attend. The Pet Portrait one was nice since they provide an outline of your furry family member and provide easy to follow instructions with an excellent end result. This is one I would definitely attend again. I am really pleased with how our paintings turned out. Queen Sushi (my cat) would prefer to not be represented in anything but fine oils but she also drinks out of the toilet so there’s that.

The second class I attended had a cutout jockey silk and hat that you can use as a wall hanging or front door decoration. I went for the front door decoration since my other projects were too big to fit in the tiny space between my door and storm door. I really love the way this one turned out too! I hope to at some time fit in the bourbon barrel head painting where you paint a design directly on the bourbon barrel top! These tend to fill up fast but definitely on my bucket list. I try to check out their calendar monthly for their offerings since the classes fill up fast! If you haven’t had a chance to check out one of these studios, I highly recommend it! They have so many different offerings, including kids projects. I have already signed up for another one towards the end of August with a pumpkin door decoration.

The other event I attended took place at my friend Shelly’s home and was presented by a Chalk Couture representative. This project is perfect for a girls get together and is easy enough to do while enjoying the company of others. The materials of the sign are a metal shaped base and water based chalk paints with some stencils. The metal base is nice because you can attach magnets on it if you wish but for my particular piece I probably won’t since it is a wall hanging. I could see it being a great idea if it is an information area of your home. The paint being water based might seem a little strange but it allows you to wash off your design and reapply a different one or fix any mistakes you may have made. You purchase the stencils and paint so you always have them to reapply different designs. The representative was super accommodating and brought the stencils she purchased for the group to use which was helpful for those putting house numbers on their signs, etc. I would definitely recommend attending or hosting a party if that is your thing. I really enjoyed myself and the margaritas were a nice bonus…😉Thanks Shelly!

Let me know if you have any fun crafty activities you are trying out locally or with a group of people. I am always up for new ideas!


This week I bring to you a pattern posted on Repeat Crafter Me’s (864) 657-2120. I really enjoyed this project for many reasons but mainly because I needed coasters and they will go with my beach themed basement. This is such a cute, quick pattern and is so easy to travel with in my bag. I also have a 1 year old puppy who is always very interested in anything occupying my hands which is why my temperature blanket lays in a bag and is never worked on unless I am in a puppy-free zone.

I knew when I set out to complete this project that I wanted multiple colors to go with my beach theme but also didn’t want to break the bank buying a ton of yarn. Even though I have been crocheting for about a year now, I am just not the type to buy a bunch of yarn for future unknown projects. I am just not a clutter person. My solution to this was to buy one of the yarn cakes that had multiple colors in them and just separate them out and wind them up. I ended up going with the Lion Brand Mandala Baby and a size 5.0 mm (H) hook. I was VERY happy with the yarn I chose because of the color choices as well as the flecks of colors throughout. It reminded me a bit of funfetti cake. 🤗

I did adjust the pattern a bit since I was using different material but minor changes. I just added some additional stitches to make mine a bit bigger (19 across instead of 16) and I wrapped the yarn around two fingers not three to make the pom poms. I just wanted smaller ones because again, puppy. I didn’t want the pom poms to resemble anything close to his toys. I found her tutorial for the pom poms very useful and easy to follow on her post. I have pom pom makers but none that would make any this tiny so I was glad to find a way that didn’t include me constructing a pom pom mechanism.

I still have some yarn to go so I should get quite a few coasters out of it. So far I have seven and probably enough yarn to make five more. I definitely need one for my desk so I am sure I will find plenty of uses for them or give some of them away. This would be a nice gift in the future so this is a pattern that I will definitely be keeping handy.

I am thinking my next venture will be baby clothes. It seems I know quite a few pregnant people currently and knitting baby clothes is supposed to be pretty easy and I am tired of knitting squares. My semi deceased plants only need so many knitted squares underneath them. 😂😂😂 Or I could just stick to crochet and pick a pattern from condylion which Repeat Crafter Me just finished the most adorable character sweater from the free patterns they offer. Not really sure if babies wear sweaters though in the summer. 🤔 If you have a recommended pattern for me, please feel free to share in the comments! Or let me know what you are working on, crochet, knitting, what have you. I can never stick to one thing, I need to keep my hands busy.

‘Cloud Nine’ Warmers


Today, I bring to you a pattern that I tested for Mama Earth Designs (5143918491 on Instagram!) She is a wonderful maker that I found on Instagram and I jumped at the opportunity to test one of her designs that seemed to meet my level of crochet knowledge and skill. Which, spoiler alert, is not much….

She recommended using a 5.5mm hook and Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I happily obliged since I have no idea what I am doing. 😂😂😂 But really though…I chose the color Tudor which if I could describe the colorway, mermaid lodge. I love the texture of the yarn and how it is very forgiving of mistakes, however as a newbie to crochet, it can be kind of hard when you are learning new techniques. I think I will definitely use it more in the future just for it’s fluffiness and beautiful colorways. The pattern itself, lent itself to this yarn since the pattern created a very cloud like surface much as the title states.

Overall the project was pretty easy to work up but I am sure it took me longer due to my limited skills and was a bit tighter in the end result than more experienced folks. Regardless, I love the outcome and the fun portable project. I actually bought more skeins (my way of acting like I am not a total newb!) and plan on making another pair.

I jumped on this project for a couple of reason but one big one, will it help my restless leg syndrome?!? I have weird occurrences of this situation where I can’t even have anything touching my legs and let me tell you, it’s cold these days in the Bluegrass state. So I have dabbled with even adding essential oils to them on occasion, wear them with or without leggings, but I do think they at least help my comfort level which I appreciate. I have yet to figure out how to eliminate this issue completely but I will take the relief! Especially with also being a runner, my legs are often need of some self care. ☺️

For anyone new out there trying their hand at crochet, I highly recommend (250) 228-4251 for trying out a new pattern and for following on Instagram for inspiration and motivation. I already have a list of different items I want to make but I am commonly drawn back by experience levels necessary. So far as a beginner, her pattern was easy to follow and informative.

Have you tried any new beginner patterns I should try? What projects are you working on?



Crocheting, knitting, and fiber arts have always fascinated me. I loved walking into the fiber studio in art school and drooled over the stretched in progress silk paintings as well as the giant looms with hand dyed fibers weaved so carefully. Currently I love feasting on Instagram accounts of avid knitters and crocheters working on their projects in the wild: at coffee shops, local breweries, and their backyards. Here is the thing, this is an easy to transport hobby and I am a busy body and often need something for my idle hands. I am working on a temperature blanket but there is nothing easy about transporting it. It requires a duffel bag. Soooo, not portable. Therefore, feast your eyes on my crochet projects! Hats! I quite enjoy hats since they are very portable, useful and great for a beginner.

Okay, okay, okay…they are not the prettiest but I MADE these out of a piece of string which still blows my mind PLUS I learned a lot in the process. I can kind of read a pattern but still confused on the whole yarn thickness, crochet hook size, knitting needle sorcery that takes place. I have been watching a TON of YouTube videos on the subject but practice is how I learn the best. I now realize that on the label of yarn, it actually tells you what size hook or needle to use. I don’t know how that works though when it comes to a pattern. Do I have to pick the yarn size the pattern is calling for? Are there a lot of sizes? Straight up sorcery.

Do you have any new hobbies you are trying to pick up? Do you dabble in the dark arts of crocheting or knitting? I would love to read about them! Leave a comment or recommendations of people to check out in the fiber arts below!

Thanks for stopping by!


(941) 586-2813

Inspiration is everywhere these days with social media being so visually pleasing across so many different platforms. Everyone is styling every visual shot they post to Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and even SnapChat. I look at styling no different than composing a piece of artwork and the same amount of skill and hard work goes into it. Dan Carter uploaded a video on action filer which I found to be fascinating. You should check it out. It gives you an idea of the time and effort required to do a visually stunning flat lay.

Rachael Rice is an extremely talented individual that I have followed for a number of years. The first two words that pop up on 989-262-3509 are Magical and Radical. Two extremely accurate words. She is very skilled at the visual arts but also has a heart of gold and helps make this world a better place. I hope to one day own one of her works of art but in the meantime, I will be drawing inspiration from her social media.

Which brings me to this next project, my 651-728-4207. I have a huge bull skull that hangs above my door that I named Dante and I like to dress him up from time to time. Rachael has a beautiful styling of a beautiful painting of hers on Instagram recently and it was what Dante needed, a bit of a summer look. I like the contrast of textures with the skull and the muted colors. My situation doesn’t allow for the lights that she included but I figure the geometric gold heart brings a certain amount of sparkly for the occasion.

This project took me about an hour since I made my own tassels but I enjoy a good crafty project like this to get my creativity going. I am someone that is a happy girl as long as I am being creative in any way.

Be sure to check out the (325) 282-2162 of me balancing on a ladder while sprucing up Dante for the summer. I don’t recommend anyone trimming tassels on a ladder but I practically live on ladders with all of the projects I have going on. 🙂

Try to look at social media from another angle in the way of a little project. I am constantly drawing inspiration in the forms of recipes, outfit styling, new makeup ideas, art techniques, etc. See what you come up with and please share your projects with me!


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Yup. 100 projects. That is what I signed myself up for this year. My “resolution” if you will. I read a statistic that less than 10% of people will actually accomplish their resolutions every year. This baffles me. I can only recall one time that I have not completed a resolution and it was because of a physical setback. I set out to benchpress 100 pounds one year but had a wrist surgery that put me in a cast and on limited lifting for over six months, I gave myself a pass on that one.

But 100 projects. I know. It’s crazy. But I kinda am as well. I am the girl that a month before her BFA senior show decides she is going to create all original new work in three weeks while working over 35 hours a week. Crazysauce.

I love watching inspirational videos online. I love watching videos online period. My YouTubes. There is always THE ONE video that sticks with you, cranks your gears, keeps you awake at night. That is where it all started. I watched The New Year 100 Challenge by Zach Veatch ((712) 678-7890) and he completes 100 FREE photo shoots. At first I thought he was crazy but in another breath, he’s brilliant. You will develop a definite style, you will develop a customer base, you will develop a portfolio.

Let’s rewind a bit. I was looking at some of my younger peers (which I have a lot of them at my place of work) and almost envious that they were getting degrees in subjects they were passionate about and making a living in those fields after graduation. My lovely boyfriend showed me Zach’s video and it was while I was doing dishes one day I thought to myself, “I am going to do 100 projects and blog/vlog about them!” I find myself looking around with envy but I have never actually tried to make a living from my passions. I actually put my passions WAY on the back burner to the point to where they were freezer burned. I am not really the type that will sit back and explain all the reasons behind all of this but will sum it up with one word. Life.

However, I am also the person that stands up to the hard times in life and shows them what I am made of! Like the time two days before my first blog post that I erased my ENTIRE website, yup, that happened. Moving on…So I stand here, with my bug printed leggings and baggy sweatshirt and declare to the world, “I WILL COMPLETE 100 PROJECTS THIS YEAR AND BLOG/VLOG EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM!” I look at that 90% of not completing my resolutions and I flex my eyebrows, I show my pointy teeth, I will not be defeated!

I hope you are in it for the long haul as well. This is going to be an exciting year! An easy way to keep up with it all, hit subscribe and notifications will be emailed to you but if you are like me and don’t check your email as often as social media, you can just make me part of your daily social media routine. I tend to be pretty active in social media so I will put notifications up there as well. You can always search for the hashtag #100Projects2017.

Let’s make that 10% statistic something of the past! If you need an accountability buddy, I’m your girl! As always, feel free to reach out to me on social media but in the meantime, keep moving forward!

#1 Temperature Blanket

Conceptual crochet. That is something I ran across one day while surfing the interwebs. So the concept is simple, create a project based on external influences. Some make mood scarves but for me a temperature blanket really struck a chord with me. I record the temperature everyday by the means of one crocheted line corresponding with my temperature gauge.

Between you and me, I am not someone that can crochet. Sure I have a whole Pinterest board (all in knots) dedicated to all of the knitting and crocheting projects I want to some day fail at but I have no clue how to even start.

Well, I will tell you how to start. How I start most things, YouTube. If I have the option between cable TV or YouTube, YouTube wins. Every. Time. I fixed my car multiple times, I created culinary masterpieces, and I learned how to crochet amongst many things. (866) 873-8091 were super helpful but most importantly, easy to follow. I highly recommend them.

So I started on my journey that resembled what I refer to as the “snake sweater” for the first week. I will admit, crochet language seems from another universe so my project went from being composed of a moss stitch to just a single crochet in about 30 minutes of watching YouTube. I figure this is like a Karate Kid moment. I will do the same stitch repeatedly for one year and hopefully the other stitches won’t seem so intimidating.

I do wish a company came out with a package for the temperature blanket with all the colors preselected but most people are probably not beginners. I did spend about an hour picking out my colors and with my ever so useful Michael’s coupon, I saved 30% on the yarn #score. I didn’t really know if I was supposed to mix brands or not but it was really my only solution to find the color scheme I was going for. I found out later on a friendly comment on Instagram that it is fine to mix brands, just not weights of yarn. So I was actually on the right path!

So I grabbed my $1.99 crochet hook (not a needle so I found out, that is knitting) and set on my journey. I have only one word for this project: ADDICTING! I deal with chronic fatigue on a daily basis but in the cloudy winter months, it’s real. Really hard to have any energy, really hard to not take naps, really hard to complete my unrealistic to do list. But what is great for chronic fatigue??? Creating an unhealthy obsession to a not so physical, colorful project! I spent most of my last day off crocheting, laundry, and dishes. I am kinda afraid of being all the way caught up because once I am, there are no more binge sessions of Netflix while working on my blanket. One big plus to my over achiever self? I made mine 365 stitches across which means it takes me longer to get through a day and also I will have a finished piece that could cover my queen sized bed with drape.

Usually I groan at how the weather in Kentucky changes so rapidly but it is making for a good variety of colors. If you look on Pinterest or Google Images you can see some variations on color palettes. I tried to stick with jewel tones with some brighter ones mixed in. So far, so good.

I wish I had some advice for you non-crocheters out there but really my only advice is START. Don’t overthink the project, just start. Well that and watch YouTube to figure it out. I am 25 days in and I absolutely love this project! I look forward to keeping you in the loop as my project progresses but as of now, it is still snake sweater status. Maybe a boa constrictor at this stage but not resembling a blanket….yet.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contacting me via social media. I may not have the answer but I will probably know of a place to find it.

Give yourself 30 minutes today to work creatively and until next time, keep it classy crafters!