Although Bob was in disguise, I recognized him at a glance.

Money is tight right now.

It's what you deserve.

My father takes a bath before supper.


In this book, lots of coincidences happen.

The greedy little child ate all the food.

They loved Boston.

I'm real proud of Jonathan.

He has natural gifts.

What does Chuck really think of me?

You killed my father, and today I'll have my vengeance.

Manuel is one of the best guitar players in Australia.

We aren't going.

I don't believe her.

King Ahasuerus loved Esther.

I don't want Bob there.

Someone has ransacked the place.


How many peaches are there?


I'm not able to fix the computer.

Do you understand Roman numerals?

He stayed with us until the beginning of this month.

The resistance movement has gone underground.

Vaughn isn't any stronger than I am.

The article was an invitation for public protest against the newspaper.

I wanted to get up early to make them breakfast.


I'd like to make an appointment for the day after tomorrow.

How much is this going to cost us?

I'm sorry, I have another commitment.

It wouldn't matter.

She took her dog to the park before breakfast.


He hustled me into the house.

That's what works.

He's supported by his family.

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This is "free of charge".

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We're having a party next Saturday.

They get on well together.

It could work.

Let's go out and have some fun tonight.

Hon didn't drive Shamim home.

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I felt tired all the time.

How can we best support learners to become balanced bilinguals?

John can't speak French very well.

I really like traveling by ship.

She advised him to stop taking that medicine, but he felt he needed to.


If you want to get rid of a boring companion at your cousin's wedding, begin to explain to him in detail the geological history of some faraway landscape that you most unfortunately will not be able to show him.

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Do you believe in angels?

What will you gain by studying a foreign language other than English?

He's been taught to accept things as they are.


Have you lost the key of your house?

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Have you seen Jess since he's shaved his head?


Is there an air pressure gauge here?

I never thought along those lines before.

Tracey told me that he had bigger fish to fry.

They're both very smart.

Don't you hate it when she does that?

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Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?


Can't you see it's your only chance?

They were waiting for the signal to start.

The 'gold' yearned for by the Japanese synchronized swimming world was not quite reached.


Choose any one book you like.


Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to walk on the moon.


How long does it take to get the hang of this sewing machine?

I went to bed at one o'clock.

Rudy hates raw onions.

I don't want to go to bed yet.

A sober-minded man adapts himself to outward things; a reckless man tries to adapt outward things to himself. That's why progress depends on reckless people.


I won't go to school.

We decided not to have peace negotiations with the invaders.

Do people ever accuse you of being pompous?

What choices do we have?

Are you guys still together?

Has Kuldip really come back?

Any teacher that can be replaced by a machine should be.

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With whom are you eating lunch?

Two, four, six, eight; who do we appreciate?

I ordered you a drink.

He says we must live to eat.

Sehyo likes seafood.


This gas station's gas is good and cheap.

I'm not very good at swimming.

Hui had solar panels installed on the roof of his house.


That sounds pretty good to me.

Ravindranath was wearing an old t-shirt with holes in it.

We didn't reach the summit.


We'll stay as long as possible.

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You have got a lot of nerve.

Is that not enough?

We all had hope.

John talked with his customer on the phone.

That's plenty for today.


In the act of offering up his last prayer ere he made up his mind to float and be eaten, he saw a man look over the quarter of the brig : he raised both his hands ; he jumped himself up in the water, and, by the singularity of his motions fortunately attracted notice.

We need to be more aggressive.

Jong's got the right idea.

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This dog will protect us.

There are no longer any problems in business life, there are only challenges. And challenges are opportunities. So it is no problem at all if the company is in the red, it's just another opportunity!

Even if you have your own way, you will not always be successful.

Eliot has got more homework than me.

Valentin has denied any guilt.


Barney can't afford to buy a car.

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I thought I was going to die.

I knew Moe would have a great time.

We're not poor.


He is an American, but as he was born and brought up in Japan, he can speak Japanese quite fluently.


He has a good record as a businessman.

I told Marc to take out the garbage.

I've come all the way from Boston.

She gave me a shirt.

I wanted to thank you for that.

Do I like interrogative inversions?

You seem to be telling the truth.

I'm as surprised as Valerie is.

This tool, if used carelessly, can be very dangerous.

Age diminished his strength.

He speaks both English and French.

The noise woke her up.

I had that weird dream again last night.

She went to apply for a replacement.

Go and wake her up.

This is my friend's letter.

You ought not to call at this time of night.


Anders disassociated himself from an increasingly corrupt board of directors.

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Remind me to thank Jeannette the next time I see him.

I'll do my best on the test.

Nobody had anything else to say.

Where could the cat be?

I was right in front of Sharon.

Julia and Vincenzo are both good students.

When was the last time you went to a zoo?


Spudboy is a juvenile delinquent.

The yen is rising and the dollar is falling.

My brother helps me with my homework sometimes.

The construction work is coming to an end.

It was a big surprise.


I fell asleep while reading.

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Hubert already knows how to read.

Don't go out after dark.

We'll see how well it unfolds.


I felt my face turn pale when I heard that sound.

Maybe you could draw me a map?

I cannot finish reading such a thick book in a week.

Why can't you be more like her?

Have you finished reading the novel?


The rumors spread quickly.

Where did you build them?

This beer is brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law.

Children like fruit juice.

We fought a hard battle.

He roars and groans the Dnieper wide.

Training will be provided.

Miki was waiting at the gate.

The report has yet to be confirmed.

Hillary stole a boat.

I hate to bother you, but would you mind closing the door?

Everybody must be subject to law.

There will come a day when you regret it.

I leaned out of the window.

The tidiness of his clothes always impressed me.


She's been working her butt off for the last 50 years! Of course, she feels burnt out!


It seems a long way from here to the town.

We have to do the work in one day.

Why couldn't I be the one to help you?