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Available Puppies

Available Puppies

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Contact Wayeh

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Since 1981, Wayeh (WHY-uh) Working Housedogs has produced TWELVE generations of AKC Alaskan Malamutes.  They do the jobs they were originally intended to do (5012937067, sledding, and weight pulling) while living in a modern home environment (conformation, obedience, and therapy) and sleeping on the couch. The best gift we can give our dogs is a job.

Wayeh Mals excel at whatever their owners want them to.  From being ambassadors for the breed wherever they may go to visiting shut-ins and therapy visits at nursing homes… seizure-alert and service dogs.  From walking on a loose leash to Companion Dog Excellents, multi-numbered RAEs, and the world’s first Rally Obedience Champion, any breed, any kennel club, any where on the planet.  From chasing varmints in the garden to nose work, barn hunt, and tracking titles.  From dodging soccer balls with the kids to Agility Championships.

From splashing on the shoreline to dock diving.  From hiking around the neighborhood to week-long winter hiking/camping trips in the frozen north.  From pulling a tire in the backyard to weight-pull titles and regional medals.

From zipping around a bike path on a scooter to back-country sledding and carting.  From jogging in your local park to two generations of ROM bitches, Top Southern Area and Nationally ranked Malamutes, multiple group-winning and multiple Best In Show Malamutes.  Wayeh Malamutes can do just about anything you decide.

As breeders it is our responsibility to only use dogs who are a credit to their breed.  As owners it is our responsibility to give the dogs a job they love.

If for no other reason than a tired dog is an obedient dog.

Ask MORE from your breeder.

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