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  • Change

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    22 Feb, 2019

    Here's a contest for you to put your mind to work. Create a quiz and stand a chance to win prizes and be featured on Young World Club!

  • Do

    Baker’s delight


    22 Feb, 2019

    Mix together flour, eggs, milk, essence, cocoa...and presto! You have a cake!

  • Play



    22 Feb, 2019

    What is personal hygiene, and how important is it, in your day-to-day life? Watch this video to find out.

  • Read


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    22 Feb, 2019

    Let's celebrate some important friends — some furry, some fiery, yet all of them, absolutely popular, with a fun game!

  • Think

    What happens when you ask why?

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    22 Feb, 2019

    February 28 is National Science Day. The word Science comes from the Latin word scientia, which means knowledge. And, to acquire this, you need to question, think and absorb.

  • Travel


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    22 Feb, 2019

    A remote South Atlantic archipelago, with rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts, this British overseas territory is home to many islands and islets. Find out more...


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