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Cranfinia Energy Private limited is fast growing and recognized leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in full-service photovoltaic panel system installation, solar water Heater and Solar street lights. Expert consultation throughout the entire process of installation and maintenance of solar products.

We provide a dedicated 15 Million oC store to our clients to explore and experience the solar energy. We offer an integrated approach to development of conceptual design and realization, financing, Executing and construction.

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Why we are different?

Unlike other companies offering solar services to the customer we keep our clients hassle free in completing all the necessary formalities, right from the start to the end of the project. Our work ethics is listed below


We’ll review your electric bill to learn how you currently pay for energy, and calculate how much you’ll save with solar.

On-Site Visit

We’ll design your new solar solution on the spot, including a diagram of what it will look like on your roof. Installation area inspection for SWH for better output.

Solar Approval

Once you give the green light we’ll submit your design to the city electrical body (such as BESCOM,TNEB) for permitting and obtain proper approval .


Our Technical team inspect the installation area and ensure a proper and clean installation process with effective time.


We also provide monitoring facility to ensure your power consumption and energy saving data. This helps us to ensure your Solar systems are functioning efficiently.

Maintenance and Servicing

Standard solar panel maintenance is the best way to make sure they are always producing efficiently. We also provide quarterly maintenance service to ensure the proper working of system.

Creative collaboration for your entire energy needs.

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