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Whether it's a hobby, production, stationary or portable bandmill you're looking for, we have it. With some of the heaviest built portable sawmills in the business we make it easy for you to take logs and turn them into lumber. Our bandsaw mills are built to last you a lifetime and backed with a 30 day money back guarantee! Call or email us for more information. We have a friendly staff ready to answer any questions you have.

Check out the New! Super High Production Package with Dual Log Turners, Power Band Roller, 2" Super Sharp Blades, and much more all for one low price!

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Board Edgers are an easy way to trim the bark from the sides of a cut board and highly increase finished board production in a portable sawmill operation. The precision belt feed system guarantees a true board from end to end while the fully hydraulic feed control is smooth and precise with a 0 to 100ft. per minute feed speed capability and the dual board edge guides take the guess work out of board trim lines unlike others on the market.

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Turn square cants into pallet stock or finished boards quickly. The head system is unique as it is made to move while the bed remains stationary which makes for easy sawing height changes. Variable frequency drive control gives full control with a smooth start from stand still to 100ft. per minute feed speed. Processing square cants into finished lumber is a breeze. 





High precision and razor sharp blade tip finishes is what the Cook's Cat Claw Bandsaw Blade Sharpener is known for. If you have a portable sawmiill or just want to sharpen blades for sawmill owners then the Cat Claw Sharpener is the right machine. Built upon a rock solid 150lb. structure, and powerful 1/2hp grind motor, this blade sharpener is the best in the industry and we guarantee it with a 30 day money back guarantee! Make your dull bandsaw blades saw better than when they were new!

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The finest built bandsaw blade setters you can buy! Setting band saw blade teeth is a must for clearing a path in the line of cut to allow for the blade body to clear the through the cut without resistance. Choose from the high precision Single Tooth Setter and the fast setting Dual Tooth Setter. This machine is a must for any portable sawmill owner or blade sharpening / setting business owner.




Bandsaw Blades

Sawmill blades can make or break any machine whether it be a resaw or portable sawmill. With the Patent Pending Cook's Super Sharp™ and Cook's Xcel™ blades we have a blade to meet nearly every sawing need you might have whether it's high production or weekend sawing. Cook's Saw manufactures blades for any sawmill or resaw 1" - 2" wide and any length. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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Why buy a portable sawmill from Cook's Saw?

Start producing more lumber than ever before with a Cook’s Accu-trac Portable or Stationary sawmill.  High production sawmilling used to be what circle saws were known for.  Today, not everyone desires to keep up with a half dozen or more employees nor the liability of circle mill cutting.  But people still want the high production that comes along with a powerful machine that can produce a lot of straight cut lumber.

With a high production bandmill like the AC-36 you can make more money with less people, less maintenance, have less headache, and do it all for less money!

We can help you accomplish your goals.  We do more than run our sawmills at a show, we have made a living with them and have run them on a full time operational scale.  So if you want to buy from a company that really knows what it takes to run a sawmill operation everyday then we can help you.

Our line of portable sawmills have been in production since 1994.  We build them heavy duty and we build them to perform so you not only have a long lasting band mill but a sawmill that you can make a living with.

We try to use as few specialty parts as possible so when you do need a part you can pick it up locally when you’re in a real need.  If you can’t get it local you can call us and we will be there to talk to you and get your part out to you as quickly as possible.  Every one of our office staff have been trained to run each of our sawmills so when you call there is always someone knowledgeable here who can help you.