I lent Soohong a flashlight.

Kate is dressing her doll.

Both my parents are dead.

What's so special about that?

Ethan quietly left the room.

Do you have a better explanation?


You're fair.

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What you write and how you write it can change your life.

At last, he became aware of his own mistakes.

The injaculation method allegedly enables men to have multiple orgasms.

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The storm sank the boat.

Since her father's death, she has gone through a lot of hardships.

We have two dogs, three cats, and six chickens.

There's a phone call for you from Akemi.

The industrialised world is used to using water profligately.

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Frankly, I'm not overly concerned.

Spring is in the air.

She finally arrived!


Without money, he could do nothing.


It's been a nice trip.

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We talked the plan over with him.

The father is good.

There's really a ghost in my house.

Meehan met John in prison.

I have a heart like a leg broken bird // Sat at the seashores like a ship // Play the lyre Taher everyone cries // This is how the broken lyre will pronounce


We think it was her.

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My son is fond of fish fingers.


Amigo needs to do that now.

That child grew a lot in a short amount of time.

One of the reasons that we love nature is that, unlike ourselves, nature is not envious or deceitful.

Our university has a beautiful campus.

Sumitro didn't tell us everything.

The boy considered the dolphin his best friend.

Cut the potatoes.

Cliff is a real hothead.

What were you doing in there?

I cannot laugh in front of the cameras.

Tatoeba is more popular than ever.

Elric is obviously scared.

How sad a story this is!

I have the key.

I personally don't care anymore.

I kind of like it here.

I was afraid that I might be late for the bus.

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I haven't actually met her yet.

I'm really tired; I think I'll go to bed.

Deborah doesn't drink and drive.

Petr is having lunch now.

These coins are of little value.

He spoke to me on behalf of the company.

What's the meeting going to be about?

I met him when I was in Boston.

During the summer holidays I met a beautiful woman.


Maybe you ought to do what Kent told you to do.

How do you cook an Italian omelette?

I apologize.

It's very upsetting.

I saw these people for years.

You've got to give me more time.

I usually sleep soundly.


I know a good Italian restaurant.

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This can't keep happening.

It's a little bit different.

The detector has detected something, but I don't know what it is.

I haven't been honest with myself.

Please excuse me for calling you by your first name.

I would greatly appreciate it if we could change our appointment to 3:00 pm on March 6.

This is the beginning of a new era.

Fresh vegetables contain many nutrients.

I discussed the problem with my mom.


Food tastes better when it is wrapped in the flag of the European Union.

I worked as a waiter to put myself though college.

Please don't leave me!

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Do you like green tea or black tea?

As I told you, Robert is dying.

Roland and Kamiya got engaged today.


You can fix it, can't you?


I figured it couldn't hurt.

A look of surprise came over Maria's face.

We've made a lot of improvements today.

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Tell me more about him.

You know where it is, don't you?

Did you kiss Pia?

The best things in life are free.

"Could you pass me the sugar?" "Here you go."

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We've been tricked.

I'll ask him.

Avail yourself of this opportunity.

An apparently small event may lead to a great result.

I would like to introduce my husband and my sons to you.

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I'm asking you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.

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Sixty percent of Japanese adult males drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

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Pradeep became a car salesman, just like his dad.

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My wife thinks I'm crazy.


I don't want to step on anybody's toes.

They made a breach in the wall.

When it comes to disco dance, I can't hold a candle to Susan.


What kind of teacher do you want to be?


I don't want to bow down to him.

You came too late.

Because of his age, my grandfather doesn't hear well.

Keep this money for me.

How did you cope?


It wasn't sensational.


Nothing has to be done.

I had the exact same feeling.

Efforts do not always pay off.

I'm surprised Victor didn't mention Guido.

How many times do I have to say no?

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The boat is to leave for England this evening.

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I'll show you the way to the station.


I teach French to adults.

Many people here take the train to work.

We'll have to talk about that.

He has outlived his fame.

That is really a load off my mind.

Perhaps we should talk in my office.

He worked very hard to earn a lot of money.

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He's just angry because we're having so much fun.

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Your hat is silly.

The prospects for his career at the company are not quite promising.

I went snorkeling in a beautiful coral reef.


This is the first time I've ever won a prize.

I am not doing anything now.

A pre-dawn raid has netted a large stash of illegal steroids and several bags of cash.

He met his friend while bathing in the sea.

I wanted to play tag with the other children, but they wouldn't let me.

Nobody can escape death.

Henry was exposed as a con.

Do you have any medical problems?

We should get rid of him.

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He tried to draw the bow with all his strengths and shoot an arrow distantly.


You're a natural.

I think that his novel is boring.

He traveled through the Tohoku district this summer.

Arthur drove really fast.

I treated him like my own son.


I will not be able to participate in the company meetings in May as I will be traveling in Asia during that time.

How do you like your new apartment?

This street will come alive with shoppers on Saturday.

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I'll make that bird sing, you'll see!

You are a good person.

You have to have a new crown.

"Do you want to buy them?" "Yes."

This news is important to us.

Jem couldn't help feeling a twinge of panic.

I don't necessarily support misanthropy.

I was just looking out for Samuel.

She designed beautiful costumes for the movie.

Read the meter.

Computers can save us a lot of time and trouble.

We should take a trip.

I think we should stop talking about this and move on to another topic.

You should really be wearing a helmet.

I dropped the pitcher and it broke.

You have to get them a present.

Hunting, underwater diving, fishing and exploring are among his interests.


Do you want to have some tea?

I thought it was best not to say anything.

Yesterday I hit on a good idea.