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The tech world is evolving at wrap speed. Whether it’s an app, website or marketing, we do it with newest technologies. If you’re going to invest, why not in the best?

Our Mission

To enhance and promote digital presence for all of the small, medium and large scale businesses and stand out as one of the largest marketing agencies till 2025.

Our vision

To be the pioneer support system and market growth partner of the businesses throughout the country.

Working Process

Our first step in serving you involves understanding about your business, its vision and targets.

Our team will explore market conditions, your competitors approach and come up with an effective working strategy that guarantees quality and success.

We will then explore appropriate search engine techniques, promotions and marketing strategies, appropriate social media platform and the right audience for your business.

The next step will be taken according to the set package which might include website creation, blog and content development, social media promotions, event management and promotions and so on.

The efficiency and effectiveness of our work will be analysed by consulting with our clients and further improvements will be made.

Constant follow- up will be done to record the progress of our work and effective strategies will be suggested to further elevate your business.

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One of the core feature of organization management is use of various softwares. Apps too come handy on marketing strategies. Our software department fully handles both of those development and designing. We provide any kind of native and cross platform apps and softwares. A fully packaged softwares and apps service of any kind is a core feature of IDA family.

Provision of event management and event promotion services under an affordable package is an added feature of IDA.We take up all kinds of events be it a high end seminar or a private family affair. We form effective promotion plans and strategies to promote your events. Social media platforms are also aptly utilized for this purpose.

There is no better way to reach your customers but through visual medium of photos and videos and we provide just that. With our professional creative team behind the shutter, we make sure any form of media produced is the best-in quality and ready for your social media and website. Remember us for any kind of photography or videography services. We are available to cover any kind of events as well as do product photography or videography.


Visual arts and computer graphics are effective mediums to communicate with your targeted customers about your goods and services. We provide the best graphic designing and visual art services that bring your imagination to life and help target the right customers. Our services incorporates design and printing services for brochures, logo, pamphlets, certificates, visiting and business cards, flyers, booklets, magazines, newspapers, posters and many more


Relevant, effective and creative content can do wonders. Your content speaks for your products and services and can make or break your brand. Content development has become the need of the hour today for any business that would like to reach greater number of audience. Our team of experts will do the required research to create an effective content for your brand.

A good content cannot reach its target audience if promotions aren’t done. It is said that content marketing should always be 20% content development and 80% content promotions. Hence, we realize the importance of content promotions and extend our services to that as well.

Websites are an easy way to organize your services and also allow your prospective customers to have access to your company’s details. It helps build a greater online presence and effectively promote your products and services. Further, websites can really help accentuate ecommerce as well. Our team of experts will analyze your website’s requirement and help create a responsive, user friendly and appealing website for your business.

Websites must be able to retain user attention for a long time. In order to assure this, our team takes care of all the minute details that go into creating an effective site. We make sure that your site is SEO friendly, has a responsive design, an effective colour scheme and is all devices friendly. We will also help you with the functioning and maintenance of the site as per your need.


The only way to the top for businesses today is going digital. Everything is slowly getting digitized and is imperative for brands. It really helps to build their presence online. Experts of our team will help your brand stand out through a variety of digital branding and marketing techniques that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Creation, Internet and Display Advertising, Keyword Research and many more.

Today, social media has drastically taken over our lives. If utilized for the right purpose, it can reap massive benefits for your company. It helps companies interact with and reach their target audience and also form trustworthy relationships with their already existing customers. IDA has a deft team of experts who will guide you about the basics of social media management, help form effective social media strategies and identify the right social media platform and audience.

Sole creation of a quality service or product is not enough. Without advertisement and promotions even the best don’t sell. We help you with creating effective advertisements and ways of promotion to help with your product’s visibility. Our team of expert has a fine knowledge of finding the right audience and platform and creating just the kind of advertisement that would resonate with them. We will help you refine your promotion tactics and also create effective advertisements to promote your products and services.