Nadeem is in the army.

She almost got away with it.


I have things to do tomorrow.

Elsa went there on business.

I think Cindie thought he had to do that.

How do I eat this?

The cargo ship arrived four hours early.

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A man on the treadmill suddenly collapsed and went into full cardiac arrest.

Gideon lived in Boston for years.

We'll do it.


David is not a lazy boy. As a matter of fact, he works hard.

If you don't know anything about computers, you're really behind the times.

Do not forget to take your umbrella when you leave here.


The tree fell over in the typhoon.

I do not want to waste the best years of my life for you.

He abused my confidence.

Elliot is wicked.

It's time to feed the baby.

Ariel isn't the right girl for you.

That's unusual.


We went to the theater early, so we could be sure that everyone could get a seat.


He wants to know how he can gain weight.

Slow speech is characteristic of that man.

I hope she is okay.

Matthew was on the phone most of the day.

I'll be in Morocco for the next seven years.

Will you really send me a Japanese doll?

"Where does it hurt?" "Everywhere."

I wanted to run away with Page.

He was somewhat disappointed to hear the news.


The name of the cybertherapist is Eliza.

Elliot glanced at his watch, and frowned.

It's definitely good news.


Anybody can read it.

He's gone to his rest.

You know what my idiot son's doing? Even now he's graduated from university he spends all his time playing pachinko instead of getting a job.

I prefer to drive a manual car, while my brother prefers an automatic.

What are the other men doing?

All our attempts failed.

I don't joke around.

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Have it your own way.

I wouldn't swim in this lake.

What did you do for Father's day?

She's her own boss.

Moran says he can help us.


This place is so depressing.


She has large blue eyes.

Flash photography is not permitted beyond this point.

He is my enemy.

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The influence of covariates on the primary outcome variable was explored using logistic regression.

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The father and the son will be tried for homicide.

May I have a glass of wine, please?

He is still at work in the workroom.

I have seen him once before.

The salt cellar will be on the table.

Fetch me some milk.

Kees really needs help now.


I called my cats Radek and Jerry.

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The child is father to the man.

Do you think he still thinks about me?

Give it to me!

Chessboxing is a sport for real men.

He could not help feeling sorry for her.

Look out for pickpockets on crowded trains.

Mickey kept his true feelings about that well hidden.

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Ragnar heard a strange noise.


They don't understand me when I speak German.


Phillip plays piano.

We must always support our children.

How often do you brush your teeth?

Don't you like Raif?

I don't like that word.

We can find friends wherever we go.

Someone will remember to do that, I'm sure.


He behaved himself so as not to give offence to others.

Why did you just say that?

No one reads my blog.

Pascal is capable of taking care of himself.

There was an interesting story in the letter to the boy.

Fahima hasn't finished yet.

Snakes are reptiles.


Where are you hurt?


Diogenes would frequently praise those who were about to marry, and yet did not marry.

I can't figure it out.

I knew it was real.

Why don't you have a girlfriend?

He was born to be a technician.

Mike's not very talkative, but to give him his due, you can always count on him.

How long will you have been working here by the end of next year?

This mustn't be exposed to the sun.

It feels pretty great.


Marriage customs differ by country.

Pia took something that didn't belong to him.

Do you have another opinion?

The word processor on the desk is my father's.

Let Roderick send the letter.


We decided to put off the meeting until next Sunday.


I want her to see this.

When was the last time you took out the garbage?

You left this, didn't you?


Dinner is probably ready by now.

No one told me it would be this way.

We are running at the same time.


We are going to have a break for a snack.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Am I qualified?


The kidnapper told me he'd kill Henry if I didn't show up alone.

Danny is almost thirty.

He's brought the books that I needed.

Did Sonja tell you about what he did last week?

Sugih seems pretty upset about something.

We stopped at the lodge overnight.

Lynnette meant to tell Jayesh about the party.

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The burglar came in through a window.


The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.


I tried doing that a few days ago.

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I am God's creature and of Him I am part.

Louie pointed at the restaurant across the street.

I woke up at six.

Maltese stems from Siculo-Arabic, but all its modern accretions have been European.

I'm dying for a piss.

Do you live in the desert?

Bertrand says he wants to help you.

There's a pyramid in Mexico bigger than any of those in Egypt.

It's been a long time since we've had such nice weather.

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Come and eat your supper.

I helped them once.

She has no enemies.


Nothing but grass was to be seen in the prairie.

What's your favorite band?

Oh, please don't say that.

We've got no brakes!

It hasn't been done before.


Sorry, I can't let you stay here.

I drove back there with the people, over the meadow into the grain.

Which way do I go?

It's freezing cold in here.

How's everybody doing?

The wise learn a lot from their enemies.

I've suddenly lost weight.

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When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.

Alex names objects, like "walnut," "paper" and "corn".

Metin has trouble coping with people like Knute.

Is it true that Dory joined a cult?

What's going on now?


This line is parallel to that.

If anything happens, call me.

The average distance between stars within our galaxy is about 4 light years.

He can't help his daughter being so foolish.

Those, wake up. It's me.


I am persuading him to come.

His work finished, he left for home.

The remembrance of past labour is pleasant.

He is a despicable person.

You missed the target.


Can't you turn that thing off?

You'll be busy.

I'll talk to you about it after lunch.

Let's try to work this out.

She loves coffee.

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He has the social skills of a wet mop.