The cat is rolling over on its back.

Michael gave it to Dora.

It being rainy, I could not go out.

It'll just take a minute.

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My father won't allow that.

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Everyone got something for Christmas.

What do you think has happened to Annard?

Everyone seems to be short of money these days.

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Are you going to give this to me?


Maybe I should just tell Carter the truth.

Trey wasn't late after all.

The ship went down slowly.

Are you ready?

I can see that book.

Do you know what he did?

Roger worked at any job he could find during the day.


The middle class is struggling.

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There's a degree of stress in every job.


All the children sat up and behaved themselves at the party.


That's what we did after lunch.

Never break your promise.

I let her sleep in.

Christie pushed his way through the crowd.

Are you giving out meal tickets here?


Many think that Finnish is a really difficult language.

Where did you learn all this?

How have you been coping?


The museum is closed Sundays.


He's at the next corner.

I'm not in trouble.

I think fashion models today are too thin.


The very air we breathe is polluted with smog from the factory chimneys.

I don't translate, therefore I am not.

If you didn't understand, you only had to say so.

I can't imagine a future with no electricity.

In the long run oat flakes with advocaat for breakfast will knock everybody's socks off.

There wasn't anything like enough light to read by.

I saw your photos.

The defenders put up a stout resistance.

I've allowed for that possibility, too.

We know we haven't done anything.

There were no jobs.

These mushrooms have a revulsive effect. If you drink alcohol after having eaten them, you will feel very sick.

I was given this present by Ann.

A large animal fled from the zoo.

Dimetry isn't always at home on Sundays.

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I'll stay home in case it rains tomorrow.


True freedom is not in what you do, but in the way you choose to live what you do, and that faculty belongs just to you.

The question is how we will bell the cat.

Wear warm clothes or you could get sick.

The Senate acted quickly to approve the treaty with Britain.

I can't go with you. I have an engagement.


It's dangerous out there.

How many people are at your party?

I won't get an email from anyone today.

It is absurd to try to persuade them.

I think everybody already knows that.

I got your address from Harmon.

I make a doll for Anna.


The news finally reached me last night.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

I decided to go there.

When does it start?

Mr. Kennedy pointed out our mistakes.

I've always hated her.

Did you phone me?

May I presume to tell you that you are wrong?

I am sorry that I could not go with her.

He caught the traveler's diarrhea.

Is it like "Dirty Harry"?


When did you meet Oscar's family?

After eating three dishes of ice cream, Evelyn had a stomachache.

Brooke is speaking.

Sandy is the president.

I'm going to mow the lawn tomorrow, weather permitting.

Get out of my face.

There are many slums in Mexico.


They haven't won yet.


We're not in control here.


He sought for his name.

Frederick was wearing a vintage T-shirt.

Niels brushes his teeth every day.

He came back two days later.

They're playing cards.

Please tell him it's urgent.

Jane is more attractive than Susan.

When he broke his leg he was screaming out in pain.

I knew Gabriel had done it.

We are leaving for Hawaii tonight.

Your place is by my side.

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Casey told me I walked like a penguin.


We'll continue this later.

I am happy about our meeting.

That's our secret.

Dani had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Geoff's unborn baby.

At this rate, we won't be able to buy a house.


Tears filled her eyes.


Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.

The cost of building the new hospital was considerably higher than first estimated.

I've never been sued before.


He would sometimes talk with the soldiers.

The government will provide interest-free loans to firms that participate in the program.

Were you ever on television?

We made a good impression, I think.

I think it sounds good.

Until now, no one has ever seen a Martian.

In this country, even universities are free of charge.

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It's completely irrational.

Sunil stopped rowing.

I didn't know you were so good at French.

They're going to fill in the contract.

Now that we're all here, we can start the going away party.


I have a little fever.

There is a page missing from this report.

Give me a reason to stay.

I want the same dictionary as you have.

Were you in love with them?

We must try to be kind to other people.

Raphael has time to spare.

She watched the dead, falling leaves.

Jeanne needs some serious help.

You're invited to dinner.

Shutoku's eyesight is deteriorating.

They prefer patients who can't talk.

Koko knows and uses more than 500 words in sign language, the language of deaf people.

Granville wants a bigger discount.

Be kind to him.

It was the same all year round.

It's slightly windy.

Christofer only has one good eye.

I defeated the warrior.

He doesn't need to get up so early.

We agreed to disagree.


These shoes have lasted one year.


They all turned to look at him.

Tuna isn't always as busy as he says he is.

Everyone is watching.

My son means the world to me.

Piet didn't want us at his party.

Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.

This is the first time I've ever spread chili on bread.


Can you put the children to bed?


This is a busy time for me.

All the color went from Kylo's face.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

Naim lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

I can't do this without you.

A clever salesman will always ask a matron if her mother is at home.

I think Surya shares too much personal information online.

The country fell into the invader's hand.

The eating of delicious food is one of the most intense and poignant pleasures of life.

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She had no intention to quarrel with him.

In so far as theories of mathematics speak about reality, they are not certain, and in so far as they are certain, they do not speak about reality.

Lucifer sat down next to me.


I think I know how to find him.

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He's playing with his friends.

Tell me about your children.

I'm very grateful for that.

I really doubt that Rodger would be interested in investing in such a project.

I'll see to it that we complete this project on time.

She lived up to our expectations.

You want me to get a better job, but I don't think I can.

It looks like Soohong is leaving.

I am acquainted with the chairman of the committee.

I like boys to be lively.

I don't think you're crazy.