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Nirvana is a cloud-based task manager that helps you clarify what's relevant now, so you can accomplish big and little things when it counts the most.

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Focus on
what matters.

Find clarity in your day while keeping an eye on the future. Nirvana brings your optimal actions to focus, while giving you space to capture stray ideas and clear your mind of tomorrow’s to-do’s.

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Filter for here and now.

See only the actions you can sensibly take with the time and energy available to you. Tags let you understand what’s practical where you are right now, physically and mentally.

Move forward,
one step at a time.

Nirvana is designed to scale with you across platforms and mindsets, whether you organize like a power user or thrive on the bare essentials. Create projects, set recurring priorities, or snooze actions till you can take action.


Nirvana is an intuitive
cloud-based task manager

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