Terrance couldn't play the guitar.

I was surprised I didn't see him in the hospital when I went to visit you.

We know you're in here.

Everybody wants to live in comfort.

You're always hungry!

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Do you have any questions or comments?

What a cheerful story!

I heard Granville won't be at school tomorrow.


There's no chance that's going to happen.

Second set, Krajicek to serve.

I don't care where you go.


Slartibartfast looks a lot like his brother.


I heard someone calling me from a distance.

That book's over here.

Serdar was the only person to have ever managed to escape from that prison.

My father made me what I am today.

What's the deductible on your insurance?

Bryan is Subra's chauffeur.

I don't want to live in a big mansion.


Yum, this food is delicious!


We're ready for whatever might come.


She could not believe what she saw.

I should get in touch with Elsa.

Whenever I try to get near her, she pushes me away.

I'll put my guitar back in the car.

Let's give Christina the benefit of the doubt.

When will the Latin courses start?

Jeffrey was too proud to accept any help.

Come here a second.

A successful business is built on careful financial management.

Dan was blessed with two adorable daughters.

I bought some new wife-beaters at the mall today.

My uncle has a large family.

Clayton wasn't foolish enough to tell Suzan what had really happened.

I had a good report last term.

Studies have been conducted on people who habitually consume sugar.

Angela looked like he was unhappy.

We're here to see Valentin.

I had scarcely walked a minute before I met him.

Knudsen asked me what happened.

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There was an old castle to the east of the town.

You can't be too diligent.

Fine. And you?

Could you sit over there?

Natural resources are not limitless.

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Jakob seems unable to do that.

Roberta looks very tense.

I can't save anyone.

I strongly agree.

He's so deep in debt that he has to get money from one person to cover his other debts.


Sheila owes me a relatively large sum of money.

They say that money can't buy happiness.

Mitch is our oldest child and Keith is the youngest.

Jos has done a wonderful job.

Someone spiked Alain's drink.

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He was intrigued.


Where did you find my wallet?


Where did you claw them?

The door swung slowly on its creaking hinges.

Their curiosity was aroused.

Throughout my life, I've had the great pleasure of travelling all around the world and working in many diverse nations.

It's a sop to Cerberus.

I have looked everywhere, but I can not find my wallet.

I ate the pav bhaji.

There is no way to open this door.

Alvin talked about his trip.

I asked you to leave him alone.

Brent is a loving and caring gentleman.

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Bring your own fishing equipment.

I want to come in.

I stayed in bed all morning.

The children are talking to their parents at this moment.

Giovanni didn't even shut the door.

Do we have to protect him?

I hate dogs.


Jose is wearing a new dress today.

Do you think we convinced Travis?

I like when you kiss me on the lips. No, on the cheek.

Don't run about wildly in the room.

I'm not lying. I swear to God!

Will you teach me how to swim?

I have to watch my figure.

Albert said he didn't like the concert at all.

I look out of the window.

I don't want Meehan getting upset.

One can't discount a global natural catastrophe like a meteor strike.

Strong winds can blow away unsecured items.

I've heard this story before.


I have to get this finished by 2:30.

We didn't anticipate their buying a new car.

Do you want something to drink?

Do you think Spass is right?

I was a guest at Ken's house for a week.

You sowed your field with barley.

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand.

There's only one possible decision.

As far as I know, she hasn't departed yet.

How do you know it was Rees who broke the window?

Jim says that she can't fall asleep without her favorite stuffed animal.


Frogs turn into princes only in fairy tales.

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It's just basic common sense.

Have you ever seen a shark over three meters long?

Bill tapped me on the shoulder.

Let's get you out of here.

The plane climbed to 4,000 feet.

I'd rather die than give you this.

I told her what time to come.

I go swimming every chance I get.

"Is he always like this?" "Yeah, he is."


All the hotels are sold out.

Could you clear off the table?

She promised me to come.

What is he so angry about?

Is your prepuce like a vagina?

It was unpardonable.

We have no control over that.


Margie still isn't comfortable with the idea.


She's very ill and has been in bed for a week.


You shouldn't trust Julia.

The store carries earthenware.

The view from the mountain top was spectacular.

The Higgs boson has been called the God particle.

I don't want you to feel like prisoners.

In February, I was in Sao Paulo.

I believe you, but unfortunately Pratap doesn't.


He told his assistant that he would win.

Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

Oscar is snoozing in his office.


Jeff usually sits in the back pew.

I didn't know them then.

I never thought he was all that stubborn.

I need to know everything that you know about Jay.

I want to stay here in Boston for a few more days.

Keiko is kind, isn't she?

They fired me.

You really are tall, aren't you?

We have plenty of work to do this morning.

How good are you guys?

He can not distinguish between right and wrong.


Could you bring me the fly swatter, please?


She bears herself very well.

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You are her daughters.

Panacea might not want to eat yet.

I'm going to go back to the office.


I talk to Srivatsan more than you do.


Mods sure have it difficult. It's like "Here, have a bit of power, do what you have to", and all the garbage gets thrown at you.


There will be improvements.

One of you come in and one of you wait outside.

A tongue is the most venomous thing of all.

They talked politics.

I lived in a three-room apartment when I lived in Boston.


Tell me what you think will happen.

Two male school pupils sharing an umbrella? That's quite a queer situation.

How much longer will I have to stay in the hospital?

I got here as soon as I could.

I like your article.


Besides being beautiful, she is kind and intellectual.


Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty lady is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.


Private detectives were hired to look into the strange case.

Gunnar spends most of his free time reading books.

You'll be hearing from us soon.


My grandmother can't see very well.


Tired of being the subject of the accusations from Takeuchi, Todd fled to France, whose language has no accusative case.